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Dear Local Charitable Request;

 Thank you for thinking of McNamara Florist regarding your upcoming event or fundraiser.

 There are so many real needs and so many worthwhile opportunities to help. Every year we give hundreds of items valued at thousands of dollars to support the communities we serve but there are significantly more requests than we can possibly help with. There are simply limits to what we can do.

 The following are some guidelines to help you understand our policies and corporate giving guidelines:

1.       We require 4-6 weeks MINIMUM lead time to review requests; our committee that reviews requests only meets a few times a year. There may be further delays due to the seasonality of our business.  Sorry but we cannot “rush” and will not consider requests with shorter response times.

2.       ALL requests must be submitted on our “Donation Request” form in addition to any collateral support you may wish to include in your request. The Donation request form may be found on our website at ‘’ or you can call us to request one at 317/579-7900. Form or standardized letters will not be considered.

3.       We primarily support local organizations and give preference to 501c3 organizations.

4.       We DO NOT give to second party fundraisers – if your group is holding a fundraiser for “United Way”. For example we generally cannot support those activities financially as we will support the benefiting organization directly.

5.       We try to practice rotational giving so if we cannot help you this year because of limited availability we may be able to in the future if you qualify.

6.       There are many events and organizations that duplicate services and overlap. For example we support numerous Breast Cancer events and if we have committed to some support benefiting that cause already we may be unable to help your specific event.

7.       Since we have so many requests we generally give smaller more frequent support such as auction items. Rather than give a very limited number of larger gifts to fewer organizations.

8.       We generally do not provide cash sponsorships.

9.       We offer discounts to qualified organizations that need event decorations but do not generally donate décor outright for events.

10.   Preference is given to established McNamara customers in the markets we serve.

Again – thank you for thinking of McNamara Florist. We are proud to be a locally owned company and do what we can to be a good community citizen. There are limits to what we can give and the number of requests we receive is truly overwhelming; we simply cannot help them all. 

Best wishes,   

Toomie Farris, AAF, AIFD


McNamara is proud to offer several ways to assist non-profit organizations and groups.
In order to qualify for our fundraising opportunities, an organization must quality as a nonprofit in one of the following ways:

  • Educational – funds are used to directly support a school or school-related organization (i.e. band club, student or parent group associated with a school.)
  • Religious – funds are used to support nonprofit church activities or church-related organizations such as youth groups within the church.
  • Charitable – funds are used to support a charitable organization. Must be a 501c(3) organization.
  • Community – funds are used to support community-based activities devoted solely to charitable purposes and not for individual gain.
    Select the McNamara fundraising program that works best for you! For more information regarding any of our programs, email us at

    Click Here to download Donation Request Form

    Download Donation Cover Letter Here

    Plant Fundraisers - Ft. Wayne
    McNamara Florist provides an opportunity for clubs and organizations to use blooming plants as a unique fundraiser for multiple seasons throughout the year. These plants are grown in our greenhouse in Ft. Wayne, IN. In the spring your organization can sell mixed outdoor hanging baskets; in the fall, hardy mum plants; and for the holiday season, poinsettias. For more information on our plant programs, give us a call 260-747-4131.