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Posted by McNamara Florist on November 25, 2020 | Last Updated: November 27, 2020 Flower Gifts Gift Guide Holidays

πŸŽ„ Winter Plants Make the Perfect Holiday Gift!

Winter is not typically the time we think about bright flowers and lots of lush green foliage. However, just because colder temperatures have set in doesn’t mean you can’t also enjoy beautiful flowers and plants. There are plenty of gorgeous winter plants and blooms that stay healthy and thrive throughout the winter months. The floral designers at McNamara Florist, Indianapolis’s best florist, want to highlight a few of our favorites for you.

hese lush succulent gardens showcase an array of unique succulents, offering a variety of textures, colors, and forms. Set inside a ceramic container, this long-lasting garden makes a striking gift for the home or office.


The beauty of succulents can add rich texture and bright green life to any room throughout the winter. Succulents can also be a great wintertime gift, with easy maintenance and simple care. Versatile and exotic, succulents like our Succulent Garden can create living art you’ll love to have.

Capture the look of the season with a Norfolk Island pine all decked out for the holidays! Decorative ornament picks accent the pine as it's nestled into a tin keepsake container.

Norfolk Pine

Evergreen plants bring a fresh, woodsy look to your home. Keep a potted evergreen like our Norfolk Pine indoors to brighten your home. Even in small spaces, these trees can have a big impact. These can be decorated for the holidays, then enjoyed throughout the rest of the winter season, as well.

A bright and blooming Christmas Cactus is nestled into a wicker basket with a bow and accented with a snowflake. Christmas Cactus are wonderful for the holidays because their weeping willow-like flowers look like clusters of jingle bells

Christmas Cactus

This indoor plant makes a great gift because it’s easy to care for and can thrive in moderate indoor conditions. Grow in loose soil that stays moist but not soggy and watch for colorful blooms to explode at the tips regularly when placed in a sunny spot. Our Christmas Cactus, shown with pink blooms, will brighten anyone’s day.

A beautiful blooming Amaryllis bulb is delicately planted into a glass cylinder vase. This gift, accented with moss, rock, and vines, is a wonderful way to lift spirits.


The big, colorful blooms of the amaryllis can cheer any room in the winter months. Grown from a single large bulb, these flowering plants only need occasional watering. Repotting with plant food as cooler weather sets in, your amaryllis will thrive year-round, blooming over and over. Keep indoors near a sunny window to enjoy colorful blooms all season.

When you choose winter plants and blooms to include in your home, the coldest season seems a little less intense. Send beautiful winter plants or other holiday florals and gifts to someone special and brighten their winter. Many of these plants are low-maintenance, too, making them a great option for loved ones who lack a green thumb. To learn more about the best winter plants and flowers, talk to the floral experts at McNamara Florist. We’ll be glad to share our favorites with you, and help you discover a new favorite of your own!