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Best Types of Florals to Send to the Hospital

Bright, beautiful, and uplifting flower arrangements are a wonderful thing to send to hospital patients. Flowers have so much to say, from “get well soon” to “I love you.” Blooms of encouragement and happiness have become a common gesture to help us express ourselves, and this stems from the Victorian Ages. As people in this era rarely conveyed their emotions to one another, they relied on the symbolism of flowers to do the talking for them. Today, this tradition is still as strong as sending holiday cards or birthday presents 

If someone your care about is in the hospital, sending them a beautiful bouquet of flowers is a great way to cheer them up and let them know they are in your thoughts. Here at McNamara Florist, Indianapolis’s best flower shop, we’ll guide you through the ins and outs of the best types of flowers to send to a medical facility and how. 

Make the day special by sending this gorgeous mix of pastel-colored flowers put together in a glass cylinder vase.

Above and Beyond

Need-to-Know Tips Before Sending Flowers a Hospital

Hospitals and medical centers are large facilities with lots of people, so sending flowers to them requires more thought and insight than if you were sending flowers anywhere else. Here we list some important items to keep in mind when choosing a floral gift to send your loved one in the hospital. 

  • Allergy-free flowers only. You don’t want to risk aggravating someone’s allergies with pollen-filled flowers. Even if your recipient isn’t allergic, the many people who interact with them throughout the day may be. Also, some people are sensitive to overly fragrant flowers like stargazer lilies, so although many people think they smell wonderful, there are those who may not agree. Play it safe by selecting flowers that are hypoallergenic and have low to no scent such as hydrangea, lilies, orchids, hyacinth, daffodils, roses. snapdragons, and tulips.
  • Choose a low-maintenance plant. It is a fresh green gift that keeps on giving. When released from the hospital, the patient can take the plant home with them where it will thrive, provide air-purifying benefits, and brighten up the place. 
  • Don’t go too big. A large bouquet of flowers, though impressive, is likely to hinder a doctor or nurse’s access to your loved one. Choose an arrangement that is relatively compact without pieces that stick out far.  
  • Bright flowers are a must. This is a priority. Staying in a hospital can be depressing for many people, so be sure to send blooms that are vibrant, bright, and colorful so they radiate cheer, joy, and happiness. 
  • Choose durable containers. With the hustle and bustle that takes place in a patient’s room, floral gifts are at risk of being knocked over. Be sure they are in a durable, non-breakable container to be safe. 

Send Good Luck Flowers 

Besides being beautiful, flowers also are associated with certain meanings. Make your floral gift more meaningful by including flowers that represent luck, good health, strength, and longevity such as Snapdragons, Delphiniums, Wax Flowers, Sunflowers, Hydrangeas, Lilies, and Larkspur. 

How to Send Flowers to Medical Facilities

Once you’ve picked the perfect floral arrangement to send to your loved one in the hospital, follow the steps below to make sure they get received. 

  1. Call the hospital to see if they accept flower deliveries. 
  2. Ask if the facility has a preferred day and time for floral deliveries. 
  3. Provide your florist the recipient’s full name and room number along with the name and address of the medical facility. 

If you have any additional questions or concerns, consult your local florist. They are experts at all things plant and flower-related and send them to hospitals regularly. Your florist will ensure your loved one receives the most beautiful and uplifting bouquet to brighten their hospital stay.

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