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McNamara’s Guide to Orchids

Distinct from other flowering plants, orchids are easy to identify due to their majestic and perfectly symmetrical blooms. They are the only flower where if they were cut in half from top to bottom, each side would mirror the other. With over 25,000 different species, orchids come in a large variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns. Their blooms can be big and open, or small and charming. The blossom variation within the orchid family is part of what gives them their charm. There is an orchid type sure to please everyone. Here at McNamara Florist, Indianapolis’s best flower shop, we believe orchids are the perfect “living” gift. Easy to maintain, the exotic and alluring orchid looks great anywhere. To discover more about this remarkable blossom, read our orchid-related blogs below.

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Blue Blooms Make Everything Better

Blue-colored flowers are not as common as other hues, such as red, yellow, pink, purple, and orange, but that’s what makes them all the more special.

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Living plants and fresh flowers automatically brighten any home, but some plants and flowers go the extra mile by being good luck objects which promote wealth, good fortune, and positive vibes, too.

The Best Plants for Creating a Tropical Paradise in Your Home

When you imagine a relaxing, serene paradise, you are most likely picturing an outside vista with lots of greenery, tropical plants, and flowers. Just add a nice cool breeze, fragrant air, and a fun fruity drink and feel the stress and chaos begin to melt away.

Flowers Are Actually the Perfect Valentine’s Gift for Him

If you’re still trying to figure out what to get your husband or boyfriend for Valentine’s Day, our romance experts at McNamara Florist recommend looking no further than our local flower shop because we have lots of great Valentine’s gift ideas for men.

The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide

Dad doesn’t need another tie. Men can often be hard to shop for and meaningful gifts are hard to come by. To lend a helping hand, we’ve compiled our favorite gifts from flowers and plants to home decor and thoughtful items that will show your love and appreciation.