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Sophisticated and Charming – English Garden Style Flowers

There’s nothing like an English garden-inspired arrangement to make your home look elegant, chic, and charming. With an English Garden Style design, that’s exactly what you’ll get. Resembling what it would be like to stroll through a cottage-front garden, much like the ones that dot the English countryside, this is a style that captures the feeling of a lush and abundant garden with a gorgeous mix of seasonal plants, grasses, and flowers. Here at McNamara Florist, we love working with fresh-from-the-garden flowers to create original designs inspired by Mother Nature, and the English Garden Style is one of our favorite arrangements. Read on to find out why. 

English Country Cottage

English Garden Style Essentials

The one golden rule of the English Garden Style is that all components must be from the same season. The goal is to recreate how the flowers would look growing together in nature, so blooms which typical pair well together, as well as any green accents, should all appear as if plucked from the same garden. Other elements typically include large blooms such as roses, peonies, dahlias, and ranunculus with vertical flourishes in the form of snapdragons, delphinium, larkspur, and foxglove. This style is also defined by a more than usual amount of fresh greens for accent and fill. 

Pink Mary Rose Shrub

The look is also one of casual elegance, where the flowers seem to be casually placed in a decorative pot as opposed to “forced” or stylized. This arrangement is usually in artfully irregular oval or round shape and the lack of being overwork by humans is what gives it its charm. 

The Happy Days of Spring are here! Brighten someone's day with this beautiful and colorful arrangement. Arranged in a glass bubble bowl with accent rocks.

Happy Days

Best Occasions For Having

There isn’t an occasion or event out there that wouldn’t benefit from some English Garden Style charm! Full of burgeoning blossoms, an understated elegance, and enchanting fresh flowers, this is a design which is perfect for anyone. Send this to a friend or loved one and brighten their day or get it for yourself and add instant appeal and lux to your home. We love this style so much we’d have it in every room of our house! Lifting spirits and paying homage to the natural beauty of nature, this is one style that hits the mark every time. 

Blooming Flowers in Vintage Vase