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Flowers That Inspire: Perfect & Powerful Picks for International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day, celebrated annually on March 8th, is a day all about celebrating women’s achievements and tackling the challenges that still exist globally. It’s the perfect opportunity to shout out and honor the incredible women who have been your inspiring role models and the community that has motivated you to live your best life. And we cannot think of a better way to honor these women and allies than through flowers! The colorway connected to IWD includes purple for justice and commitment, green for hope, and white for purity — ideal for fresh springtime blooms! Choosing a bouquet in these colors from McNamara Florist, the best flower shop in Indianapolis, is a symbolic and beautiful way to express gratitude and admiration for those who have had a profound impact on you. Learn which stems are calling our name this IWD.


Selecting just the right roses for IWD is like picking the perfect soundtrack that sings about love in its many forms. The many (read endless) colors of roses allow them to whisper (or shout) everything from admiration and gratitude to companionship and excitement for what’s to come. Sure, the purple, green, and white combo is iconic for IWD, but there’s a whole canvas out there. Splash it with the depth of dark pinks, the joy of sunny oranges, the chicness of trendy peaches, and the lightness of soft yellows for a bouquet that’s as sincere as it is inviting.


As the winter chill begins to fade, IWD sweeps in, heralding the much-anticipated spring vibes we’re craving. With hope and renewal on the horizon, it’s tulip season, folks! Choosing tulips to celebrate IWD is a super cute and meaningful way to acknowledge past wins and toast future triumphs — after all, they’re symbols of new beginnings. With a kaleidoscope of tulip options, you can craft a bouquet that’s as diverse and extraordinary as the women and allies you’re cheering for.

Gerbera Daisies

When gerbera daisies enter the scene, it’s like a burst of positivity and cheer that’s impossible for anyone to resist. They’re the life of any party, especially on IWD. While gerbera daisies are a symbol of happiness and joy, they also represent purity — mirroring the pure-hearted intentions of IWD and the incredible contributions of our favorite women and allies.


Add a touch of timeless beauty and power to IWD with peonies. Their symbolism underscores themes of happiness, success, prosperity, and positive outcomes. Peonies are also celebrated for their grace and resilience, which is a fitting tribute to the women who have forged paths of progress and continue leading with determination. Receiving a bouquet of peonies is sure to ignite the fire that motivates us to keep the momentum going!


What’s truly fascinating about orchids is their knack for blooming in a wide array of shapes and colors — each with its own symbolic meaning. It’s like a blank canvas allowing you to convey that perfect sentiment through a single, absolutely elegant bloom that radiates pure luxury! While they carry that modern tropical aesthetic, orchids have a unique vibe that speaks to everyone, not limited to the incredible women and allies celebrated on IWD. So, whether you’re going for a contemporary design or expressing gratitude with grace, orchids are the perfect go-to.

Mimosa Flower

Since 1946, mimosa flowers and IWD have gone hand in hand. These blooms are the epitome of strength, sensibility, and sensitivity — the reason why the Italian feminists were inclined to dub them the official flower for IWD. The warmth they radiate can also be felt in stems like the classic daisy and accents like wax flower, alstroemeria, gold aster, and goldenrod.

At McNamara Florist, we’re ready to make IWD both meaningful and beautiful with the perfect touch of fresh flowers!

Flowers to Honor International Women's Day