Bouquet of flowers overlaid in pink with text that says

NOTE: This design is available for expedited in-store pickup. It will be ready to go within a few hours after you place your order online during regular business hours!

Designer's Choice Plants and Bloomers

Select your variation

The talented plant designers of McNamara Florist will hand-select our best-looking plants or gardens for your needs.

There's a perfect choice for every preference and occasion. Let our designers work their magic as they carefully select and expertly arrange each plant, creating a stunning garden that brings natural beauty and vitality to any space.


Bloomers: Add a burst of color with blooming plants! Based on the selected price point this could be a single bloomer or a combination of blooming plants together.

Green Plants: Timeless elegance with long-lasting green plants. Based on the selected price point this could be a dish garden or a large single green plant.

European Garden: A harmonious blend of green and blooming plants gives you a captivating combination of both bright bloomers and long-lasting green plants. This is our most popular option! 

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